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Polish coloré blanc / 390 F / 450 F
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Lampa Bannière
• Accessoires électriques
Spiral extension cord with plug and socket
Triple socket
Triple socket 12V
Double Electropneumatic Horns
40 amp battery clamps
120 amp battery clamps
Parking Sensor
Card of 10 assorted plug-in fuses
220V Garage lamp
Gun-Lite, halogen spotlight 12V
Rally 12V flexible lamp with switch
Jumbo 6 inches oscillating metal car fan - 12V
Prox, fog clear lens
Slim-Stop 5, 5 bulbs third brake light, 12V
Futura, 28 leds third brake lamp 12V
Europa booster cables - sect. 25 mm2 - 350 cm
Battery charger 6/12v, 2/12 amp
Fluorescent lamp
Trophy II, driving clear lens
Card of 10 assorted fuses